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Widgle will be released on September 18, 2023

(alongside iOS 17)

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Widgle (short for “Widget Puzzles”) lets your play interactive puzzle games right from a widget on your iOS home screen. It uses the new interactive widgets in iOS 17.

There are multiple puzzles to choose from, including:

The simple puzzles in Widgle are designed to give you a bite-size of gameplay whenever you need it, and can provide a quick burst of fun to help get through a hectic day.

Each puzzle integrates a photo from your photo library into its gameplay elements, and solving the puzzle reveals the full photo, giving players a personal connection to the games.  If you set it up with multiple photos, Widgle will use a different photo each for each new game.  Puzzles restart automatically every morning so you’ll start each day with a fresh puzzle to solve.

Key Features


Adam Shaw of Kabuki Vision, LLC

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iOS and iPadOS 17.0 or higher


Widgle is a freemium app.

All the puzzles are completely free to play.

Photo customization can be unlocked with a one-time in app purchase of $1.99 USD.

Availability Date

September 18, 2023

About the Developer

Kabuki Vision is a 1-person indie developer team led by Adam Shaw.

Adam has been developing native apps for iOS and macOS since the beginning of the App Store, starting with one of the first notetaking apps, NoteMaster, which has been downloaded over 750k times.

He’s currently part of Bonobo Labs, the developer team that makes the Moleskine Studio suite of apps (including Timepage, Actions, and Flow), and he was a lead developer of Flow by Moleskine, which won both an Apple Design Award and Apple iPad App of the Year in 2019.

Adam continues to develop cool apps like Widgle under the Kabuki Vision label.




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